C3 Mobility DAO

A Student Led Improvement Community

C3 Mobility DAO launched our San Diego Mesa pilot community with the shared goal of increasing the number of underrepresented students who graduate college, transition to the workforce successfully, and are positioned to achieve social economic mobility.

% Underrepresented Students who Start College
% Underrepresented Students who Graduate with a Two Year Degree
% Underrepresented Students who Graduate with a Four Year Degree

We take a simple – yet surprisingly uncommon – approach to this problem by nurturing a student-led improvement community where students are compensated for their participation.

Community Structures

Peer Mentorship

Our community consists of graduating seniors who are mentored by a student who attends the same college they are planning to attend. Mentors nurture a community where students feel they belong and where college success is attainable.
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Direct Payments

Making college affordable by compensating students for  participating in the community,  engaging in behaviors associated with college success, and offering emergency grants.
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Financial Planning

Providing community members with knowledge of how to use the existing financial system to achieve social economic mobility. In addition, students will learn about how to thrive in the emerging web 3 economy.
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Shared Governance

Community members participate in shared governance decisions by voting with the grad token. For example, decisions about emergency grants are made by the student community.
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The C3 Mobility DAO replaces top-down philanthropy with a decentralized, transparent, student-led community where funding flows directly to the young people themselves. 





Cielo Cruz
Cielo graduated from HTH in 2019. After high school, she attended Mesa College and transferred to Cal Poly Pomona where she is currently majoring in Urban and Regional Planning. The transition from community college at first was challenging but she was able to navigate and find a group of people who supported me through it. Her hope is to help the mentees of the C3 Mobility program develop that support not only through academics but through life as well!


Julio Garcia-Granados
Julio joined the HTH GSE in April 2020 as a Data Scientist within the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation. His work currently focuses on the creation of educational data tools. Julio grew up as a 'transfronterizo' student on the San Diego-Tijuana border, which profoundly shaped his understanding of the importance of educational access. He is particularly excited to apply his engineering background to the field of education.


Guadalupe Mendez
Guadalupe was born and raised in San Diego. In 2018, she graduated from High Tech High and started San Diego Mesa College. Throughout her time at Mesa, she had the privilege of discovering herself and who she wanted to be. Guadalupe has now transferred to San Diego State University to obtain her bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies of Elementary Education. Guadalupe is looking forward to sharing the resources Mesa College has to offer and seeing the mentees grow into this new chapter of their academic career.

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Sofia Tannenhaus
Improvement Coach with the CARPE College Access Network at High Tech High’s Center for Research on Equity & Innovation. Motivated by her background, nearly all of Dr. Tannenhaus’ research has sought to improve educational outcomes for low-income Latino students. She has immersed herself in work with various organizations and institutions to provide better opportunities for students who grew up similar to her.


Cornor Alexander Jr. I
Cornor started at High Tech in the sixth grade at High Tech Middle Media Arts, until graduating from High Tech High International in 2019. In 2021, he transferred from San Diego Mesa College to SDSU where he is currently pursuing a bachelor's in political science. I enjoy doing just about any outside activity, from basketball to volleyball to ultimate frisbee. He is excited to take part in this new program and support mentees as best as he can!

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Jonathan Villafuerte
Improvement Coach with the CARPE College Access Network. Notably, Mr. Villafuerte also takes on the role of advisor for the CDE's Statewide Community Engagement Initiative, SDCOE's Regional College and Career Collaborative, and the RISE Urban Leadership Fellowship Program. In 2019, he set out to reframe the narrative for at-hope students, on the TEDx stage, by reinforcing the importance of school and community partnerships. Jonathan Villafuerte has made a lifelong commitment to bridge the opportunity gap as an educator, public speaker, and urban-education consultant.


Ethan Perez
Ethan Perez graduated from High Tech High International and is studying full time at Mesa community college. He is pursuing an Architecture degree at Mesa in hopes of transferring to a four year university. He grew up here in San Diego and enjoys climbing, photography, and ceramics. Ethan is most excited about helping mentees along their path and transition into community college.


Ben Sanoff
Director of Data Analytics at HTH GSE, where he supports teams in using data for learning. Ben brings years of experience designing online learning experiences and implementing educational technology. He developed the Deeper Learning Hub Courses and the CARPE College Pathways Course to support educators transitioning to online and blended learning contexts.

Your contributions will fund this Student Community

All contributions will be paid directly to students without any administrative overhead. 

A new type of educational philanthropy

Where direct cash transfers are administered by the community.
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